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Dr. Robin Berzin is the Founder and CEO of Parsley Health, the nation’s leading holistic medical practice designed to help people overcome chronic conditions. She founded Parsley to address the rising tide of chronic disease in America through personalized holistic medicine that puts food, lifestyle, and proactive diagnostic testing on the prescription pad next to medications. Since founding Parsley in 2016, Dr. Berzin has seen 80% of patients improve or resolve their chronic conditions within their first year of care, demonstrating the life-changing value of making modern holistic medicine accessible to everyone, anywhere. Parsley is available online nationwide. 

Dr. Berzin attended medical school at Columbia University and trained in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Tech Pioneer, named as one of the 100 most innovative women in business by Inc. Magazine, and praised by Fast Company for founding one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Her new book, State Change, will be published by Simon Element in January 2022.

Innovative, strategic, and wise, Dr. Berzin has created a gentle toolkit for reaching new levels of energy, clarity, and ease. Let her be your guide to a new baseline of well-being.

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Parsley Health is the nation’s leading holistic medical practice, designed to help women overcome chronic conditions. Eighty percent of Parsley Health patients find relief within their first year of care — improving or resolving things like IBS, infertility, anxiety and autoimmune conditions. At Parsley patients see the whole picture of their health, identify and address the root drivers of illness and experience accessible and supportive care from providers who listen. Parsley is available online, nationwide. 

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