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Parsley Health is the leading provider of root cause medicine in the US. Available online nationwide, work with the expert team of doctors, nurses and coaches at Parsley to optimize health and reverse chronic disease.

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State Change Book

Looking to find better mental health and emotional wellbeing? Start with the body. Dr. Berzin’s first book is the simple, science-backed guide to the physical triggers that can rejuvenate and energize our minds.

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Follow Dr. Berzin for food, parenting, and healthy living tips from a doctor and mother of three who lives her medicine and makes it easy for you to live it too.


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State Change is your science-backed step-by-step guide to healing your mind and taking care of your body. Leveraging Parsley’s unique patient data and successful proprietary protocols, State Change also includes a 30-day program for resetting the body, mind, and mood. Available Now.

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I experienced my own metamorphosis in emotional and mental health through changing my physical health, and I’ve helped thousands of patients do the same. I want this for you, too.


Innovative, strategic, and wise, Dr. Berzin has created a gentle toolkit for reaching new levels of energy, clarity, and ease. Let her be your guide to a new baseline of well-being.

Erica Chidi
co-founder & CEO of LOOM

Our world is experiencing anxiety and burnout like never before, and it’s imperative that we make a change. Robin breaks down the exciting science and gives us a guide on creating the best energy flow for our life.

Dr. Will Cole
leading functional medicine expert, New York Times Bestselling author, Intuitive Fasting

State Change will shift the way you think about your body and your health. If you’re ready to boost your energy and live with clarity, then this is the book for you.

Gabrielle Bernstein
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor

Parsley Health

Parsley Health is the nation’s leading medical practice designed to help people treat the root cause of chronic conditions and optimize health. Over 80% of Parsley Health patients find relief within their first year of care — improving or resolving symptoms and conditions like IBS, infertility, anxiety, and autoimmune disease. Parsley is available online, nationwide, and in person in New York and Los Angeles.

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