I couldn’t be more proud of my new medical practice Parsley Health. Two years ago I started this company with the dream of transforming modern healthcare and creating a radically new kind of medicine, one that worked as seamlessly as your iPhone and treated the root cause of your problems with food, meditation, next-level testing […]

Parsley Health Robin Berzin

It breaks my heart to see so many patients coming to me worried that they will never be able to conceive a child or carry a baby to term. As a new mother, this is a subject that has become incredibly personal for me. Fertility is one of the top concerns for women today. According […]

We hear a lot about how US medicine is broken, from how much we spend annually ($4 trillion) for unimpressive outcomes, to the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, to problematic financial models, to the growing malaise amongst doctors. Across US health care, a lot of smart people are crafting solutions to these problems, but […]

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