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I couldn’t be more proud of my new medical practice Parsley Health. Two years ago I started this company with the dream of transforming modern healthcare and creating a radically new kind of medicine, one that worked as seamlessly as your iPhone and treated the root cause of your problems with food, meditation, next-level testing […]

We hear a lot about how US medicine is broken, from how much we spend annually ($4 trillion) for unimpressive outcomes, to the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, to problematic financial models, to the growing malaise amongst doctors. Across US health care, a lot of smart people are crafting solutions to these problems, but […]

I just got back from a trip to Bhutan, a small Himalayan country located between Nepal, India and Tibet. Bhutan is ruled by a beloved 5th generation monarchy, that aims to preserve their unique culture while still cultivating happiness. In fact the country builds their foundation on Gross National Happiness, not Product. And despite the […]

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