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Building a health care company, especially one that’s radically shifting the way medicine is practiced in our country, comes with a lot of ups and downs. There are the hard moments when I need to make difficult decisions, and there are the big, rewarding, exciting moments when I can hardly believe my team and I […]

I’ve had so many skin issues since my 20’s. I had perfect skin in high school when everyone else had acne. Then in medical school something drastically changed. I was already into yoga and eating healthy—or so I thought—and yet I developed cystic acne on my cheeks that wouldn’t go away. I tried it all. […]

I couldn’t be more proud of my new medical practice Parsley Health. Two years ago I started this company with the dream of transforming modern healthcare and creating a radically new kind of medicine, one that worked as seamlessly as your iPhone and treated the root cause of your problems with food, meditation, next-level testing […]

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