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(Originally posted on The Health Care Blog) We hear a lot about how US medicine is broken, from how much we spend annually ($4 trillion) for unimpressive outcomes, to the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, to problematic financial models, to the growing malaise amongst doctors. Across US health care, a lot of smart people […]

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Last week’s articles in Salon Magazine and Fast Company revived the term “orthorexia,” and declared the growing trend towards gluten-free, dairy-free, virtue-based, clean food to be “obsessive.” Both asked if we as a society are breeding a new generation of food-restriction junkies who are victims of their own compulsive behaviors around food. So how do you know if your […]


Here are five concrete ways you can make 2015 your body’s greenest year and reap the benefits of a cleaner, more energetic and vibrant healthy life. 1. Cut out sugar. Avoid candy, soda, and processed carbs (cakes cookies crackers, muffins and bread) wherever possible. Eat only naturally occurring sugars that come in fruits and vegetables. […]

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