Success is a Long Game

I really love this video about success. The greatest achievers in history all faced set backs, tough years, and big questions, but they played the long game and for that reason they have gone down in the history books, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Tiger Woods.

The same applies to health. You may face set backs but if you play the long game and invest in your health every day you will see the big payoff: strength, vitality, energy, calm, clarity and happiness.


All of history’s greatest figures achieved success in almost exactly the same way. But rather than celebrating this part of the creative process we ignore it.

This missing chapter in the story of success reveals the secret to doing meaningful work. But in the modern world, full of distraction, do we have what it takes to do great things?

The second in a two-part series about creativity.

Part One: Why Leonardo daVinci was no genius (and what means for the rest of us)