Weight Loss Tip #1 – Avoid COLD Foods and Drinks

I’m studying a Ayurveda right now pretty intensively. Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India. It emphasizes knowing your individual constitution – the unique tendencies you are born with, from how your immune system functions, to the foods you crave and why, to the way you metabolize food.

Because of this there are few blanket statements in Ayurveda, and this is why I love this medicine. Unlike in western medicine where we prize treating everyone in a standardized way, in Ayurveda, what is good for my constitution is not necessarily good for yours, and we should all tailor what we eat and how we live based on our individuality.

That said, one weight loss tip from Ayurveda that is a strategy worth trying for anyone who needs to lose weight is this. Avoid cold drinks and foods. Because when cold matter hits your digestive system it dulls and constricts the metabolic fire you need to assimilate food, and the cold shock tells the body to add more fat as insulation, in preparation for next time! You should even avoid too cold A/C!

Rather than drinking cold water, try warm or hot water with a teaspoon of raw honey, a squeezed wedge of lemon and a dash of black pepper. This will keep you full and warm and tell your body it’s ok to shed pounds.

This does NOT meant drink ten bottles of honey-lemon-pepper water a day. In Ayurveda, too much of something is as bad as too little, and balance is the key to health. Just 2 or 3 cups to curb hunger, warm you up, and keep your metabolism running.


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