Waist Matters

This is the reality. If your waist is wider than your shoulders, or creeping close, then you are in huge, huge trouble. The fat in your middle is a festering inflammatory stew spitting out cancer juice and artery-hardening, pancreas-killing, Alzheimer’s inducing, ragefull sludge.

You do not have to starve yourself. You do not have to be skinny. And I know, in some cases the genetic odds are stacked against you. But I don’t care. If you can do anything about it, get your waist circumference down and save yourself.

In the early days your pancreas may just protest a little and your low back and knees might only whine quietly, but to themselves they are saying, “I’ll show you sucker.” In time the diabetic foot infections, wheelchair-confining back and knee pain, and stroke inducing cardiovascular disease will have their way with you.

Note, the lack of a numerical inch limit for males/females here is deliberate. We are all individuals. You know whether you are emaciated and starving, nourished but trim, or if your belly is toppling over your waistband a little more each year. I don’t expect you to measure yourself. I give you more credit than that. Observe and be honest. 

No words minced,

Health Uncensored