Eating Well is Giving a Present to Yourself

Think of each meal this way. The food you eat literally becomes your tissues, creating your skin, hair, muscles, fat, hormones, heart, bones, senses of smell taste and touch, and emotions. (The latter being just as much you as your eyeballs by the way). 

Eating healthy therefore isn’t about denial. It’s about giving a present to your body from nature every single time you chew.

Eliminate the toxic foods, because you don’t want a toxic corroding body.

Instead choose foods that are delicious and beautiful, and note that beautiful foods (like these tomatoes) are usually the ones that are the least processed and come most directly from nature. They are therefore packed with nutrition.

These are the foods that your body has the easiest time digesting and that create the least toxic waste for your system to clear out. 

Health is a present you give to yourself. It’s not that hard. You don’t need to be an expert in nutrition. Go to the grocery store and look around. These baby tomatoes with olive oil and crumbled feta are fast simple and one of the nicest gifts my boyfriend has ever given to me. 

No lie,

Health Uncensored

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