The New Supplement Shop is Live!

It’s a wild world for supplements out there. The industry is largely self-policed and as a result anything and everything can end up on the shelves of your local health food store claiming all kinds of benefits. This is why it is so important to know what you’re buying, to buy from trusted manufacturers, and to buy through doctors who have access to medical-grade natural and botanical products.


First of all, physician-only products from trusted manufacturers are made from higher quality ingredients. They are also tested for contaminants like mercury, which has ended up in herbal supplements from overseas. Most importantly, they contain therapeutic doses of the active ingredients. An over-the-counter brand of tumeric for instance might be made from high quality sources, but the actual quantity of the active anti-inflammatory ingredient – the curcumin – might be so low that the supplement is a waste of money.

This is why for the first time I am offering my personally curated supplements online in my new shop! A great place to start is my Rebuild breakfast protein shake and the Blend prebiotic fiber that goes with it. Thrown into a blender these two together make a smooth filling and highly nutritious vegan, gluten free breakfast option. The shake is packed with vitamins and minerals as well as L-glutamine, an important fuel source for the cells that line the intestines, cells that get damaged by high sugar, low fiber diets, by alcohol, by drugs like pain relievers, and by stress.

All of my products are made by cGMP* certified manufacturers I have worked with for years that craft only the highest quality safe and effective medical grade supplements. I am starting small, but more products are on their way!

And if you’re looking for a gift option, or want to get ready to detox January 1, my Table Detox program is a great place to start. You get all the supplements, a natural gourmet chef-designed recipe book, and access to my online resources – workout guides, meditation videos and more – that will jumpstart your road to health in the new year!

* For more on cGMP certification of drug and supplement manufacturers visit the FDA website.

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