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Have You Been Misdiagnosed With Infertility? Parsley Health Can Help

It breaks my heart to see so many patients coming to me worried that they will never be able to conceive a child or carry a baby to term.

As a new mother, this is a subject that has become incredibly personal for me.

Fertility is one of the top concerns for women today. According to the CDC, over 10% of American women have impaired fertility – that’s over 6.7 million women.

Sadly, millions of women are misdiagnosed with infertility every year.

Over and over again, women are told they need procedures like IUI and IVF without anyone looking under the hood and telling them why they can’t get pregnant. Very few doctors are doing the right tests to figure out what is truly wrong with these women’s bodies.

We see patients at Parsley Health every day whose doctors haven’t diagnosed their hormone imbalances or inflammation that can often contribute to infertility problems.

We handle things a little differently.

At Parsley we test for nutrient deficiencies, toxins like heavy metals, genetics with implications for pregnancy like MTHFR, and of course hormones, including forgotten hormones like Cortisol DHEA and Insulin which can have a much bigger impact on fertility than estrogen and progesterone.

At Parsley we guide you through a 30 day elimination diet cutting out common inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, grains and sugar. Often women are shocked at how their sleep and energy change when they change their diet, not to mention they lose weight and their menstrual cycles become regular. We also help you restore nutrients you are low on like magnesium, B vitamins.

We have early data that we’re able to resolve these problems using both lifestyle changes and data-driven testing to determine the best course of action.

This can help save women tens of thousands of dollars, months of side effects and a lot of stress from getting a procedure they don’t need.

Are you trying to get pregnant in the next year? Schedule a free call with one of our health experts to find out if Parsley Health could help you plan your family.

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