Hi there, i came across your latest article in mindbodygreen and wanted to ask a question. Quinoa is one of the most unethical grains out there. Its rise in the West means the farmers who have been eating it for many generations are now not able to afford it. How come it keeps being recommended? I have some links to interesting articles I wanted to share with you but this system won’t allow it. Don’t mean to be rude just wanted to know your opinion.

HI there,

Thanks for bringing up a good point. I know there are political and economic issues around Quinoa right now that make ethical sourcing tricky. Those issues however don’t negate Quinoa’s health benefits. So, I’m not sure what the best course of action is. Should no one in the West ever eat Quinoa? Should we outlaw it here to try to restore the way of life of the growers? I’m not sure that would work honestly. Are there other measures we could take to ensure growers have equal opportunity to afford their own product? My fiance is an environmental and food sustainability advocate and he and I have discussed this issue. I would love your opinion on what the best and most reasonable course of action is. – Robin 

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