Great question! because it isn’t door to door. you have to walk stairs to take the subway, walk to the train or bus. move about. it keeps you on your feet. (it’s also better for the planet – as we’ve seen with Sandy, resources are not unlimited!) What do you think? Would love your thoughts […]

On wednesday – day two of the Sandy Black out – I walked from my apartment at 9th and Broadway up to 44th and 6th to find an open Radio Shack, in order to bring my 80-something year old neighbor back an FM/AM tape-deck and headphones. Mrs. H hadn’t had any way to contact the […]

An APPROPRIATELY sized dessert – Dr. Robin, Health Uncensored by

In my last post I talked about the connection between the gut and the brain, and how your enteric neuro-endocrine system (see last post if this term is eye-crossing), is affected by what you eat and then impacts your mood. The reality is that eating refined sugar, preservatives, food dyes, other inorganic chemicals that are […]

America – this sh*t will kill you. Cheers, Dr. Robin/Health Uncensored by

There are only two physical access points between the outside world and the inside of your body. One is your skin. The other is the mysterious tunnel that starts at your mouth and ends at your anus. Your skin is absolutely important – it absorbs everything from nicotine to sunlight. But leaving it aside for […]

Today I went online to pay for COBRA, the program that will extend my health insurance from my last job for a monthly fee. That fee is $743.97 At my last job as a resident in a New York City hospital, my insurance came with the job, I had good coverage, and I didn’t have […]

WTF I’m A Doctor and I Can’t Afford Health Insurance by

Eating Well is Giving a Present to Yourself Think of each meal this way. The food you eat literally becomes your tissues, creating your skin, hair, muscles, fat, hormones, heart, bones, senses of smell taste and touch, and emotions. (The latter being just as much you as your eyeballs by the way).  Eating healthy therefore […]

I’m studying a Ayurveda right now pretty intensively. Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India. It emphasizes knowing your individual constitution – the unique tendencies you are born with, from how your immune system functions, to the foods you crave and why, to the way you metabolize food. Because of this there are few blanket […]