The Case Against Juicing It seems like green juice has become synonymous with health. And if there were ever a sign of an exploding industry, it would have to be the fact that the number of pretty little shops selling by

the thing I am most jazzed about lately, and my favorite new exercise, hula hooping! my friend got these at TrooHoops in NYC. it’s a great core work out that lifts you out of any funk in two minutes! by

From Mary Meeker’s state of the web – what you are doing RIGHT NOW is contributing to your health. What are you doing right now? I’d love to know! by

talking about my favorite things, food health and Ayurveda at ABC Carpet & Home with Jason Wachob and the MindBodyGreen crew on Saturday! ABC Home is now curating wellness days… here is the agenda from Saturday: by

My first ever piece for ZocDoc – check it out on The Doctor Blog The difference between Eastern and Western medicine, and why I choose to practice both despite the challenges. by

Soda is the most devastating thing you can put into your body. Soda contains phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid leaches calcium out of your body, which means weak bones. The pH of a dark colored soda is 2.5. The acid attacks your teeth and the lining of your mouth and throat. A can of soda has […]

Dr. Robin’s Top 5 Super Foods – my latest for MindBodyGreen! by

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas, the CEO of Verizon gave us the following bucket of unhappy stats about what health care costs lately.  He said, “In this country alone, we spend $3 Trillion a year on health care, and it’s rising at more than 5 percent a year. In […]

More yoga for asthma sufferers! Seated forward bend with bent knees and head supported by block. Breathe here for 3-5 minutes, expanding the lungs in all directions. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose deeply and evenly. Set a timer on your phone and observe how the pose changes in just a […]

Yoga for asthma sufferers! Fish pose with two blocks. Breathe here for 3-5 minutes deeply, expanding the lungs in all directions with each long slow even breath. Break up scar tissue and retrain the lungs to relax and expand. Direct your breath into the furthest reaches of the lungs and promote the body’s natural healing […]