5 Tips To Detoxify Your Skin Care Routine The average American woman uses 12 skincare and beauty products before she leaves the house, every day. If you are using conventional products, this equals 12 potentially toxic loads applied My article on MindBodyGreen talks about the dangers of your beauty basics and how you can clean […]

Video: We Need More People In The World Like Russell Brand! – A Compilation Of His Most Inspiring Quotes! Enter the mind of Russell Brand, arguably one of the most interesting men of his generation. This collection of quotes from interviews explain his fascinating views on our existence and what lies beyond our physical consciousness. […]

More Helpful Fatty Acids Found in Organic Milk The research was met with a mixed reaction, as there is disagreement among scientists about whether omega-6 fatty acids are harmful. While the harm of Omega-6 fatty acids may be controversial to some, the benefits of Omega-3’s aren’t in question and organic milk clearly wins the point. […]

My husband, the Whole Foods honey badger! Stocking up on fennel, turnips, apples and other fall veggies for a healthy holiday weekend. If you are partying a lot this season like we are, it feels even better to cook as many healthy plant-based meals along the way as possible to help you detox! by

NYC ate my shoes but at least it proves I’m walking! What’s your proof? Moving more – even a little more – every day can change your life. For serious. by

Hanging out with Ky Evans and Lisa from LA’s Studio MDR at the Health Interactive Health & Wellness Influencers dinner in Santa Monica on Friday!  by

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The field of medicine is like an oil tanker – slow to move forward and even slower to change direction. Which means while your doctor may be brilliant, passionate, and even in the best cases, up to speed with the latest science, he or she is probably doing things by the book, and the book […]

HI there, Thanks for bringing up a good point. I know there are political and economic issues around Quinoa right now that make ethical sourcing tricky. Those issues however don’t negate Quinoa’s health benefits. So, I’m not sure what the best course of action is. Should no one in the West ever eat Quinoa? Should […]