I really love this video about success. The greatest achievers in history all faced set backs, tough years, and big questions, but they played the long game and for that reason they have gone down in the history books, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Tiger Woods. The same applies to health. You may face set […]

moveyourbooty: Great things come to those who feel the fear…and do it anyway. Highfives all around to all the newbies today @soulcycle!! Amazing work everyone and huge thanks to @chrissiehoops!! We MYB better when we MYB together!! #MYBx22 / on Instagram Yup that’s me on the left! I survived Soul Cycle and haven’t sweat […]

I’m excited to have been part of The Creators Project’s Make it Wearable series – check out this video on how wearables are impacting human health. We haven’t seen it yet but I think the impact wearables are going to have will be huge! (Source: by

Why Nutrition Is So Confusing from the #NYTimes We haven’t done the studies that would clarify what it takes to be lean and healthy. Awesome article in the NYT by Gary Taubes about the problem with scientific research on obesity. It’s killing the nation, and its bottom line, but science has provided more questions than […]

You may not realize it, but the foods you are eating every day could be slowly corrupting your health and shortening your lifespan. But how do you know? For many people, the foods that are toxic are hard to pick out, especially for those who have already cleaned up their diets and feel like they […]

Who needs a guru when you can sit at the feet of the sea? Last week’s precious beach time was a good reminder to slow down and listen to my higher self. by

From the set of #VLC this morning with @alysoncharles getting ready to go live! To check out the new VLC show subscribe to Veria Living TV online at, or make sure your Verizon Fios or Roku package includes the network. I will be on Thursdays at 11am, 11:45, 3pm and 3:45pm answering your questions […]

ALOHA – 5 Reasons to Skip the Juice and Go for Blends Stay refreshed with green juices, but for the most nutrients — including fiber and prebiotics — opt for blends of whole foods, says Robin Berzin, MD. by

New Year, New Show on Veria Living Health/lifestyle network Veria Living will launch a live, daily and interactive new show, “VLC,” on Monday, Jan. 6. The new show, which premieres 11 a.m., will be hosted by rotating& I’m excited to be part of the new daily show Veria Living Companion. We’ll be taking your questions […]

moveyourbooty: MOTIVATION: 2014 fitness trends…  Daily green juice (NOT always in a cleanse), colorful #SWEATstyle, real vs fake food — you’ve been onto these 2014 trends already!! Check out what’s blowing up in 2014 via Well Good’s 10 Fitness and Wellness Trends of 2014 | Well Good NYC Spot on fitness trends from MYB:-) by