I am leading a wellness+ yoga + foodie retreat at Old Stone Farm in Rhinebeck, NY, November 6th-9th! One of the reasons I became a functional medicine doctor was because of the transformative experience I had on a yoga retreat 8 years ago. When you step away from your regular routine for even a few days […]

Nothing is better than late summer tomatoes! I have my friend Jane to thank for this gorgeous Jersey tomato grown right on her farm. Diced, sprinkled with sea salt, drizzled with olive oil, and scattered with fresh basil from the window. Summer lunch perfection, sweet tomato love. by

A photo from today’s shoot @refinery29 for the #R29beautynation series featuring women pushing boundaries in health and wellness. One of the questions they asked for the interview was what do I think “beauty” is. I had to think about it for a second, but it comes down to this. To me, beauty is about expressing […]

Calmer than You? I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of energy. There are different kinds. Calm energy. Hyper energy. Stressed energy. Aggressive energy. Lustful energy. I see a lot of people – friends, patients, people on the street – in NYC who have tons of energy, but they don’t have calm energy. I […]

Stress is Literally Corrupting our Wealth and our Health Studies show stress reduces our ability to make well thought out decisions. When we revert to instinct that sometimes can be a good thing, but when it comes to food we are surrounded by an environment filled with addictive, inflammatory, toxic options that target our emotional […]

My Ultimate Morning Smoothie Recipe – I literally have this every morning. It’s filling, and gives you a blast of antioxidants, healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Recipe: 1 cup of frozen wild organic blueberries 1/2 cup frozen organic cranberries 1/8th lemon, rind included (ok to adjust to taste) 2 tablespoons of almond butter 2 […]

Art giving lessons for life! (at Whitney Museum of American Art) by

Trimming kale isn’t so bad if you make it meditation! #healthpoints #wellscene by

Never underestimate the power of plants! Curcumin, the active ingredient in the Turmeric spice, has gone head to head with NSAIDS in studies on arthritis pain relief. You can get curcumin in supplement form to get the maximum effect – it’s a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory. If you have chronic pain or […]

I was honored to speak last night for the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons Integrative Medicine club! I was the president when I was at P&S. thank you Christine and Ravi for inviting me! It was surreal to be back on campus.  I’m so happy you guys are carrying the torch for a more holistic […]